ON TRANSITIONS is a loose collective consisting of dance/performance and visual artists. It’s an ongoing interdisciplinary laboratory that found its origin in 2013. It seeks for varying qualities and conditions of encounter between humans and landscape, weather and time. Therefore the collective gathers regularly at different locations within Europe to reside, research and develop further their artistic work.
Among other places they have been active in the Austrian Alps, within repetitive residencies of the cultural association Urhof20 in Grünbach am Schneeberg. As a continuation they were intervening on Berlin’s rooftops, for setting links between urban and alpine landscape within the practice. During the two-week stay in Chiusi in Umbria, Italy in 2015 they were investigating on water and long durational outdoor scores.
In January 2016 they performed at the “minus 20 degree” art&architecture winter Biennale in Flachau, focusing on tracing snow, using it as a texture, applying the idea of performative painting onto with canvas upon it.

The core members of the Collective are Jozefien Beckers, Lena Kienzer, Inna Kransoper and Nina Vobruba.

In the open research laboratories following artists joined:

Laura Unger, Cinira Macedo, Anna Zimmermann, Liliana Zuniga Reta-Mozo, Nora Kurzweil, Marjan Van Bijlen and Karen De Bliek.

Nina Vobruba (1985, AT) performed in different collaborations in Europe, Singapur, Armenia and Canada. She took a stop in Berlin to study dance and choreography at the HZT and further moved to Vienna to study ‘performative arts’ at the Academy of Fine Arts. She is currently and since a long time, maybe forever, interested in the heartbeat, landscapes, movement, stillness, installations, collective sweat, stories and different visions how to relate with the environment and between humans.

Jozefien Beckers (1981, BE) studied theater therapy in the Netherlands. She graduateda dance education in Brussels at DansCentrumJette. 2014 she finished successfully her studies in ‘Dance. Context. Choreography’ at HZT Berlin. At the moment she is working in different collaborations and gives dance lessons for children, as well as workshops on composition and improvisation for grownups.

Lena Kienzer (1990, AT) is currently studying ‚transmedial arts’ at the University of the Applied Arts in Vienna. Past semester she studied in the program ‚Dance’ at the University of Arts in Helsinki. 2009 she graduated the course ‚photography and audiovisual media’ at the Higher educational School ‚ Graphische’. Since then she is working within different collaborations as well as a solo artist in the fields of video, photography, performance and dance.

Inna Krasnoper (1984, RU) in 2014 received Bachelor at HZT Berlin (UdK- University of Arts). Her work often relies on autonomous performative structure, score; earlier has been inspired by Real Time Composition Method. As an outside choreographer works with pre-thought image and is interested in co-currently existing elements of different nature in performance scenes. Currently looking closer at the realm of the space, open space indoor performance and studies the role and behavior of the observers in the performative proposition. Her works have been presented at Uferstudios and ada Studio Berlin, Meinblau Projektraum (MPA-B), Falmouth Performance Center, Het Veem Theater Amsterdam. As performer works with Isabelle Schad, Julian Weber, Julia Rodriguez. Recipient of danceWEB Scholarship, Impulstanz Vienna 2015.



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