Research 4 Castel di Fiori, Italy, July 2015

1 week studio-residency at the cooperative Utopiaggia in Umbria/Italy.

In that frame we went through a 17hours durational exploration in a valley where three rivers meet.

“Felt pressure, sensed texture and perceived space can work upon the
body and so too upon the mind, altering the textures and inclinations of
The river f.e. is another world, which means that one’s senses and
reflexes must begin to live another life. We lack a term for those
places where one experiences a ‘transition’ from a known landscape onto
‘another world’: somewhere we feel and think significantly differently.
These transitions even exist in familiar landscapes: there were you
cross a certain watershed, treeline or snowline, or enter rain, storm or

Robert Macfarlane, the old ways, 2012

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