Research #2 Austrian Alps, Oct 2014

“we must find another relationship to nature besides reification and possession…”
Donna Haraway in the promises of monsters (1992)
Originated from a sense based movement-orientated perspective, our explorations developed a focus on interdisciplinary working methods and collective art practice.The physical encounter between human and landscape, happening in the micro cosmos in one square metre of a meadow, as in the macro cosmos of an urban rooftop landscape, opened to a field of artistic research, where in multi layered strata ecological, social, local, global, philosophical, political and historical themes arise. We understand the human body not as a single separated construction, instead we see the human as a complex entity that constantly changes its form, variable like the weather, comparable with the transformative processes of a landscape, with its inherent multiple time-scales. Througout the research episodes, where different artists where part in, the interest in a collective working practice got developed as a core theme for the research.

Tracing Landscapes

Extracts from the researchweek #2 in Austria, Octobre 2014, with Jozefien Beckers, Nina Vobruba, Marjan van Bijlen, Inna Krasnoper, Lena Kienzer and Anna Zimmermann.

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