The research project „On Transitions“ is an interdisciplinary laboratory in which we work with the confrontation and correlation between humans with landscape, weather and time.

The physical encounter between human and landscape, happening in the micro cosmos in one square metre of a meadow, as in the macro cosmos of an urban rooftop landscape, opens to a field of artistic research, where in multi layered strata ecological, social, local, global, philosophical, political and historical themes arise.

We understand the human body not as a single separated construction, instead we see the human as a complex entity that constantly changes its form, variable like the weather, comparable with the transformative processes of a landscape, with its inherent multiple time-scales.

Originated from a sense based movement-orientated perspective, we made explorations in the landscape and transferred our experiences into other settings and theoretical approaches. We developed a focus on interdisciplinary working methods and collective art-practices and their dynamics and processes.

Varying location, climate and people bring up further answers as questions. To find Synchronization in this complexity is an aim in our work.

Our research led us through different places, characterized by their ambiguity, representing the anthropocene European lands. This gave contrary input and moved our praxis further. With a process orientated focus we don’t work directed to one single artistic result.

The output of the research is diverse, appears in form of video works, photos, collective writings, movement scores, lectures and installations.

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